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Le Carnaval” started as a personal exploration for the artist to understand the intricate urban landscape of the city, which led her to a profound understanding of the social dynamics woven into its fabric. 


The creative process involved blending fragments from different buildings within the same district to create a unified architectural composition. This approach allowed the artist to capture the essence of each district, while portraying the social and cultural intricacies, identities, preferences, and values of its residents. Despite assuming familiarity with her city, the project uncovered multiple layers of understanding, enriching her perception.


With only 10 days to absorb the architectural and urban essence of Izmir city, the artist diligently explored locations such as Urla, Narlıdere, Konak, Çankaya, Alsancak, Darağaç, and Bostanlı, as she meticulously documented her observations through thousands of photographs. The first prototypes had a remarkable resemblance to Cairo, prompting a recalibration of composition and building choices. They were rooted in familiarity, reflecting what was known and comfortable. However, the artist realized she was confined to the familiar, hesitating to venture into the unknown. To break this pattern, additional technical architecture research became imperative which influenced new choices based on considerations such as perspective, levels, and light. Setting aside emotions, the process transformed into a series of mental calculations, utilizing a diverse array of materials. It was at this point that the collages aesthetically captured the city's essence from the artist's visual memory.


This ongoing project serves as a platform for the artist to develop her universal language to visually interpreting any city's urban fabric. Through architectural composition, she aims to encapsulate each city's essence, weaving its distinctive character into a visual narrative.

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