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Le Carnaval is a project I started in June 2017, highlighting the diversity of the urban fabric that can be found in one district in Cairo.

I have been noticing the building’s details rather than the whole building itself for so long now that I decided I had to combine all my observations in a series of prototypes representing each district.

In these districts, a whole timeline of architectural styles exists. Exploring the buildings’ details in each district made me realize how diverse the architectural styles of one district in Cairo can be. 

Starting with the windows to the doors, the terraces, the entrances, the finishing materials, and of course the design itself. This diversity directly reflects on the history of this area, the culture, and the richness of each era, it shows huge contradictions but also huge consistency, it reflects the mindsets, the identity, the politics, the taste and the values of the citizens.

In this project I chose some of the districts that I think have exceptionally interesting architecture; Mokattam, Nasr City, Heliopolis, Maadi, and Downtown. This an ongoing project that I plan on keeping open for more experimental executions and continue exploring more interesting districts.

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