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I’ve always found beauty in the slums architecture, I knew that this beauty was hidden but somehow, we connected, we created our own language and easily succeeded to communicate. The diversity of materials, the colors, the different structures and the organically created layers covering the whole building. This unique mixture and composition created an unclonable building. “Unclonable” the most powerful manifestation of humanity in architectural housing, it’s the only proof that these buildings were made by humans to fulfill their basic needs. The architecture of slums is a pure translation of how human beings can adapt with the available materials that requires no more than the physiological human needs for survival. These buildings are always oppressed and misjudged for pure distortion that should be removed or painted. However, I believed that the problem only relies in the context. Removing these buildings out of their context and placing them in another one might be a way out for these buildings to speak for themselves and make an independent statement.
This project is the “what if” scenario that I constantly question myself about, a way to expand ideas that keep on flashing into my mind each time I roam in the streets of Cairo.

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