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Driven by the interest I always had in buildings and different architectural styles, the curiosity I always had about those small details you can find between Cairo’s architectural chaos, my ultimate pleasure while roaming the streets of Cairo that sits in playing with different crops of the surrounding buildings with my eyes while driving in the busy streets. In 2017, I started working on documenting Cairo’s different neighborhoods’ buildings architecture for a large series of photography projects I had in mind. Toucon Toco is the first project in this series. The project’s name is derived from the Toucan bird which bills have vibrant colors which help them camouflage in the dense forest. Toucan Toco is based on focusing on the hidden details you find in the buildings you pass by daily without notice. By removing these crops from their context and putting them in a totally different colorful context you start noticing and perceiving the architectural details in a new and unexpected way.

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